Candlelight ; Peterick/Geetrick

Candlelight ; Peterick/Geetrick

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verbis, non factis By sajers Completed

b o o k  o n e

everything falls apart the moment Patrick meets his soulmate in a public library.


in which a person's life depends on a candle, and the one holding the other is their soulmate.

start: december 27, 2015
end: april 23, 2016

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iwrtbksnttrgds iwrtbksnttrgds Oct 18, 2016
This is the second time I've been here. This story still made me cry more than asotm. I can't remember the plot but... oh god I'm scared. Wish me luck...
slpblue slpblue Jul 16, 2016
Patrick is such a bottom smh...but I'm willing to give this a shot lol.
hoponthetuesday hoponthetuesday Dec 05, 2016
soul punk patrick is tops, 2007 patrick is bottom everyone knows that
patrickstumph1984 patrickstumph1984 Aug 14, 2016
*slowly holds up bible of Petekey* the power of Petekey compels you, the power of Petekey compels you, the power of Petekey compels you, the power of Petekey compels you
                              Aka Dallon get your giraffe ass out
American_Youngblood American_Youngblood Mar 12, 2016
And then there's a 'Patrick is just...Patrick' I love you 😂
glxxmboys glxxmboys Jul 25, 2016
Now that I think about it, tol giraffe tree boy, and tol awkward knees boy are kind cute together