Demons |Lashton & Malum|

Demons |Lashton & Malum|

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Michael Clifford <3 By michaelgordoncliffy Updated Apr 07, 2017

Everyone's got their demons, but what happens when they take over your life. 

 Slight inspiration from Club Of Misfits. Not much. 

 Ashton's anorexic. Then he meets Luke who helps him get better. But what if what Luke is doing is making him worse?

 Luke is mute. Once he meets Ashton though, all he wants to do is talk. But he can't. What happens when he finally does but he screws it up?

 Calum self harms. No one knows. Not even his best friend Ashton. One day he takes it too far. What does he do when Michael finds him almost bled out in the locker room?

 Michael is abused. His father always liked his older brother more than him. And now that he's gone, Michael gets all of the attention. Just not the good kind. What if he slips and mentions Calum, making his father furious to the point of killing him?

 Updates will be every Saturday. It might be slow at first. Please do not read if you aren't okay with reading material that has to do with self harm or anything like that.

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musickinks musickinks Apr 08, 2017
me when my guitar isnt tuned so i play paramore on the ukulele
ASully12345 ASully12345 Mar 16, 2016
Im very confused as to why this book doesnt havemore likes and votes cause its awesome
paper_thin_mind paper_thin_mind Jul 20, 2016
I s2g if this has the same ending as COM then I will invisorate you