Loved, Left, Lost, and Loved Again

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DramaQueen0926 By DramaQueen0926 Updated 2 years ago
Edward leaves bella again...but he didnt know she was....pregnant. So, 30 years later what will happen when Bella and her child come across Edward and the Cullens. Well, it isn't anything too pleasant as she battles to figure out just who she can really trust.
@MyLifeIsADreamx It's a half human, half- vampire baby. it grows faster that an normal baby xx
WhY Edward marry Bella if he leave Bella 
                                    Am I wrong sorry filipina
wow for once I feel kinda bad for bella...this is definitely interesting and I'll continue reading :) it's kept my attention which is hard to do lol great job
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I love the story!!!!!! Edward is such a dumb ass urg!!!!!!!!!
Good story but not the way I would've taken it. I would've tortured them a bit more, made them suffer and then maybe forgive them when she realized revenge wasn't as sweet as she thought.
this story has potential but instead of describing everything just say the simplest sentence to say what shes doing."I washed my bowl when suddenly a sharp pain entered my stomach." simple and straight forward it also keeps people interested