The Coffee Shop: Book 1 (Touka x Male Reader)

The Coffee Shop: Book 1 (Touka x Male Reader)

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~Touka~ By TwilightSkie Completed

Hi, I'm James Gibbs. This is my first fanfiction, and my first story on Wattpad.
This is based off of the Japanese manga/anime "Tokyo Ghoul", which was originally made by Sui Ishida, and not me, thus all characters minus the Male Reader, being you or a male depiction of you if you're female or transgender,  are owned and copyrighted by them.

I own the Male Reader. I do not own Kaneki Ken, Touka Kirishima, or any characters related to Tokyo Ghoul or Root A.

Revised cover is drawn by @Ninjacoolawesom12345, thank you so much!
Enough copyright babble, here's a description for you all (albeit kind of a simple one):
You live by a simple routine, being the stubborn yet sophisticated 18 year old college student you are. Wake up, Eat, Go to Kamii University, Attend Classes, Leave University, Eat, Sleep. But you happen to take another route one day from the University, and come across a coffee shop in the 20th Ward named Anteiku. You decide to halt your lingering thoughts and step inside. ( Also, for those curious, this is a human not a ghoul or half-ghoul. Just for those who may have had the thought. ^^ )
Hope y'all enjoy!

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TwilightSkie TwilightSkie Dec 31, 2017
BoredGuy999 BoredGuy999 Dec 17, 2017
Just curious, but since this is Touka's POV, shouldn't it be written in first person instead of third?
akyri_skia akyri_skia Jun 15, 2017
That's some of the time I wake up or go to sleep!(and set my alarms at for doing homework)
DarkHunter-kun DarkHunter-kun Nov 07, 2016
Why is our hair color and eye color chosen for us it just doesn't seem like we are not readen a xmale reader
Broken_Notion Broken_Notion Feb 10, 2016
I was about to comment "Ya you know I just carry a couple thousand dollars with me" but then I realized oh ya were in Tokyo XD.
Ghost_Writer3144 Ghost_Writer3144 Dec 30, 2015
Another job well done, keep up the good work ... Damn, you're so good at this fic