The Flight [H.S]

The Flight [H.S]

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The story of a ten hour flight in which Frances finds herself trapped next to the famous and obnoxious rock star Harry Styles.  

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#17 in Short Story.

No5styles No5styles Aug 03
I live in Texas so 50 degrees Fahrenheit is freezing for me!
pitypartyhs pitypartyhs Aug 06
Y'all crying because you live in california, in france.... I LIVE IN ARGENTINA, SOUTH AMERICA GIRLS
verybadgyal verybadgyal Jun 16
I didnt finish the book because the whole beginning was him just rambling and nothing happening.
harrzzy harrzzy Aug 07
imagin him just fuckin sMASHING into the seat bc thats what i saw
great book, but i didn't really get attached to any of the characters bc they are all a-holes
blesshes blesshes Mar 05, 2016
a fan actually spent an entire flight next to harry and i was waiting for someone to make it into a fic ahh i'm so excited for this