The duo!! [kagehina]

The duo!! [kagehina]

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Rocko By Chicken_noodle123 Updated Dec 07, 2015

Third POV 

Kageyama and Hinata are practicing like they usually do. Yaichi-San (I think I spelt her name wrong) tosses a ball to kageyama and kageyama doesn't serve it so Hinata falls. "KAGEYAMA WHY DIDNT YOU SERVE IT YOU MADE ME FALL!" "Tch.. Your fault" Kageyama glares at Hinata "I don't want to practice with you anymore Hinata your to annoying to practice with.." "WHAAAA?!!" "Hinata calm down" "it's fine yaichi-San,WHY KAGEYAMA!!"  "THATS WHY YOU DUMBASS!!" "WHAT ? I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!!" "Nothing dumbass Hinata" kageyama walks away as Hinata is glaring and is confused at kageyama and doesn't understand what's wrong.. 

The next day at practice 

"Suga! Can you practice with me?" "Sure but why not kageyama?" "Who's kageyama I don't know a kageyama!" "O-oi Hinata the balls gonna pop!" "I DONT KNOW A KAGEYAMA I DONT KNOW A KAGEYAMA!!" Daichi sees what's going on and walks over. "HIIIIINNNNNAAAAATTTTAAA!!!" Daichi grabs the volleyball and grabs Hinata and throws him out. "YOU CAN COME ...

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