Lauren Jauregui Imagines

Lauren Jauregui Imagines

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 ( A:N So, I'm going to try to write some, I'm not a good writer tho. If you have any tips for me that would be great. Sorry if this is trash.)

Lauren's POV

I'm sitting in Keana's bedroom on the small couch, with Lucy while Keana's on her bed waiting for Ronnie to get here from basketball practice. "Anyone else curious about how big Y/n is?" Keana asked. "That was fucking random." Lucy said between laughs. " I'm serious have you though?" " I have." I said quietly, while hiding my blush. "I haven't, ew he's like a brother to me." Lucy said while her face was scrunched up in a look of disgust.  " Well I imagine him with a thick 8 inch."  " EW STOP!" Lucy yelled, and threw a pillow at Keana. We all laughed. When the laughter died down. Keana spoke up again. " Does anyone like him more than a friend?" I blush and look down.

The truth is I do like Y/n, no I'm in love with him. I thought back to when we were in middle-school, when he first moved to Miami. Every time he would look at ...

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PurpleFlower5556 PurpleFlower5556 Jul 05, 2017
Whhyyyyyy must i be a male and have blue eyes! No hate to the author, this was a playful comment, because i think its funny how in most Lauren books Y/n has blue eyes and is a male (sometimes)
PanicAtTheWhoz PanicAtTheWhoz May 14, 2016
@jteri36 if you look at all of @King-RJJ his books are all male