The Flare »» Newt [The Maze Runner, Book 3]

The Flare »» Newt [The Maze Runner, Book 3]

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❝As we tried to instill in each of our subjects over and over, WICKED is good..❞

The trials are over. WICKED are planning to restore the survivors memories and complete the final cure for the Flare. But, with her memories back, Adeline remembers her past, distrusts WICKED and is fed up with their lies. The time for lies is over, and so are the acts of betrayal by old friends. 

But, sometimes the truth hurts more than lies and Adeline has to learn to cope with what she now knows about the boy she loves and try move forward. But, moving forward will be difficult.

And not everyone will make it to the end. 

Note: This is only a fanfiction, not the actual The Death Cure book itself. The original series was written by James Dashner. Follows the events of The Death Cure. ALL CHARACTER'S BESIDES THE ONES I HAVE ADDED INTO THE STORY LINE BELONG TO JAMES DASHNER. ALL RIGHTS OVER THE MAZE RUNNER BOOKS BELONG TO JAMES DASHNER.


Prequel: Sun Flares
Book 1: The Maze Trials
Book 2: The Scorch
Book 3: The Flare

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discover-books discover-books Apr 02, 2017
im scared for 250. will be even worse with adeline (if you are doing it)
zachdempscy zachdempscy May 09, 2016
i told myself that i would only read this when everything is complete but i caNt do this anymore. i have to rEAD THISSSS