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¿Illicit~ not legally permitted¿

    New girl Destiny Jones moves to California in a small town called Mystery. She is sweet and nice but can hold her ground when you make her mad. She has a secret, she use to do street fighting and loves singing but no one has ever heard her sing ever since her mother died of cancer. Her dad left her when she was 10 so she was passed through a whole lot of foster family's because she always caused trouble. When she turned 18 she decided she would move to Mystery to get a fresh start.

Then there is Dylan Knight he is very handsome but he has anger problems. His father left him and abused him when he was younger because when he was born his mother left them. Now he lives with his adoptive mother and his adoptive siblings which are twins a boy and a girl. He is very protective of the things he cares about like his family. He's not very social and likes to fix up cars so thats what he does for a job. But what happens when a so happen new girl catches his eye will she be able to fix him and will he be able to fix her.

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D-Tiny1998 D-Tiny1998 Mar 21
My name is Destiny and OMG I love her I share a lot of her feelings and traits lol!
sabrinaecute38 sabrinaecute38 Jul 15, 2016
For real people must not pick on   other people they don't know.
hoe_lybible hoe_lybible Jul 24, 2016
Tbh I love destiny already xD she's literally me, like, if a bish bumped me in the shoulder you sure as hell better run away cuuz GUUURRRLLimma mess u uuup xD
cece4000 cece4000 Sep 21, 2016
Yep classic move where y don't wanna get dun (English slang for get in trouble)
sahcilgonzalez sahcilgonzalez Apr 13, 2016
Ok but how does a person get a job so quickly without and interview or a background check
--EtherealDarkness-- --EtherealDarkness-- Apr 27, 2016
I changed the name and I guess I forgot to change it here lol😊