Not Your Average Nerd

Not Your Average Nerd

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Bring_Me_The_Fall_Out_Sirens By 1Jordan1 Completed

Before you ask, no, I'm not some good girl that will let people walk all over me. I've been through some shit no girl(or anyone for that matter) should ever go through. 

Sure, it haunts me every day of my life but seriously, the past is the past and I can't do crap about it. All I can do is run from it. I can't stop fate. Which is probably why fate stuck me with HIM.

I mean seriously? Living next door to the 'bad boy'? What is this supposed to be? Some 50 shades of grey shit? Ha! No way! He isn't coming anywhere near me. No matter how much he irritates the complete hell out of me and makes me want to strangle him.

Nope... I won't kill him... Yet.


Stuck living next to the bad boy? What will Aaron do as she runs from her past while trying to ignore the bad boys charms and sexy body? Will she fall for it? Or will everything come crashing down on her in the end?

WARNING: Some strong language.

barbie964 barbie964 Aug 10
No they arent jordan declan and bennet need to put them in their place
I say this more than any guy i think that's bad seeing as last time i checked I didn't have a dick
Did anyone else see that she said for him to suck her dick and then said that or am I the only one who saw that?
chards_ chards_ Jul 28
Girl your being escorted by police you should know how to fight take him down