sensation (h.s)

sensation (h.s)

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Allyson By allysonnicholee Updated Jul 01, 2017

Harry and Kate are completely different people. 

Harry is 28, a professor at the University of Chicago, a bit closed off, and currently recovering from the death of his wife that took place the past autumn. Kate is 21, a transfer student, and dealing with life after being convicted of attempting to murder her previous boyfriend. 

The two meet under odd circumstances and get off on the wrong foot upon their meeting. It doesn't take them long to look past that though and begin an unofficial physical relationship that inevitably does not remain under those terms. These two worlds come together unexpectedly and clash in the beginning. They eventually learn to deal with each other's rocky past though and find a way to be accepting of the person they both have become since those incidents. 

Of course it's not quite that easy, though. This is a story of love, hate, and uncertainty all wrapped into one. Harry and Kate learn the hard way that you can run from your past, but you will never truly escape the darkness that shadows you.

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2601london 2601london Feb 14
I didn’t remember that part - I don’t know why I didn’t realize he knew way more than he should have
ricozayn ricozayn Jul 05, 2017
bruh I hate when teachers don't have the courtesy of giving you until midnight to do an assignment lol
HSxbanana HSxbanana Dec 10, 2017
Honestly, I have zero shame if I find a man attractive ,even if he could be my dad’s age. I mean if he’s hot, he’s hot 💁🏼‍♀️
SoManyFireflies SoManyFireflies Jun 09, 2016
Ok!!! This is just the warning and I'm already thrilled to begin the reading!!!! :D
zoceans zoceans Mar 04, 2017
Wait didn't Lena have a roommate named Kate in Winter? I'm crying