My Jealous Alpha (ON HOLD)

My Jealous Alpha (ON HOLD)

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YaoiOtaku_ By YaoiOtaku_ Updated Jan 25, 2016

Jamie White is a 16 year old Omega in the BlueMoon pack, which is the strongest pack in the nation. Jamie is very small, 5ft to be exact, and weak. He gets picked on all the time at school by pack members, especially by their Alpha's son Xavier. Aidemn just wants to hurry and find his mate so he can have someone who loves him.

Xavier Mathews is the son of the Alpha of BlueMoon pack. He will be turning 18 in a week and can't wait to find his mate, which he hopes is his girlfriend of 2 years. But what happens when he does find his mate and it isnt his girlfriend?

My description sucks but you guys should give it a shot. I swear you'll only be slightly disappointed. 
Hehe just kidding, you'll be very disappointed.

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PartyJunkie1716 PartyJunkie1716 May 08, 2017
Me:*smacks him* I don't give two shits who you are, you don't dare talk to my bestfriends like that again and I swear to my sister, the moon goddess , I will have your hide hanging on my mantle.
BlackWolf236 BlackWolf236 Mar 26, 2017
Am I the only one who think their actions are just fûcking obnoxious instead of mean?
gaubrielle gaubrielle Jul 12, 2016
I like it but I was wondering how about u make the four of them run away and join another pack and become pack warrior and then come back well sexy
et40589 et40589 Jan 12, 2017
It's a gay fanfic and he's going back in the "closet of a room" hehe ironic
et40589 et40589 Jan 12, 2017
I like ham better too and no matter what the turkeys ends up dry af 😅
phycopath14 phycopath14 Oct 23, 2016
A quote from Linda Belcher
                              "Look at that face, i want to breast feed that face!"