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Yandere!Boy X Yandere!Reader

Yandere!Boy X Yandere!Reader

148K Reads 3.9K Votes 12 Part Story
Soul Mango By Anime_Freak90210 Completed

You are a Yandere. And so is another guy at your school named Sojiro Kudo. He doesn't know your a Yandere like he is and you don't know that he is a Yandere like you are. As a matter of fact neither of you know that the other exist. But one day when you are killing for your love Ryota Imada you stumble across Sojiro who was killing for his love Akiko Adachi. But you didn't know that, and he didn't know about you either. You decide to meet up after school in the back of the school yard. He was going to kill you and you were going to kill him. But when you both decide to attack each other at the same time, he has a knife to the front of you throat while you have one to the back of his neck. You both realize what's happening and back off of each other. He tells you about him and you tell him about you. The days go by and you both growing distant from your loves and closer to one another. Do you fall in love with each other?

Read to find out.

Hanji_Zoe_Titans Hanji_Zoe_Titans Aug 07, 2016
Take my food or my crush and you will se what happens. 
                              *sharpens knife*
A_Wus_Heare A_Wus_Heare Sep 13, 2016
take ma food see was gonna happen * right eye starts glowing a brighhhtt yellow *
rosettahorse rosettahorse Jun 20, 2016
The summary draws the reader in with the question: Will you fall in love with this other yandere guy? Two pages later and the writer says it for you. XP
PuppyestDSF PuppyestDSF Sep 23, 2016
I don't fall for no freaking yandere boy,
                              I fall for whoever I want, when I'm not in elementary school because i am.
FifiIsMyOCName FifiIsMyOCName Mar 23, 2016
Very interesting description ya got,I'll reading,don't disappoint me :D
ToastyFanfics ToastyFanfics Jul 25, 2016
I thought of sojiro on shall we date. Anyone else?.....just me.....ok...