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Warrior Cats X Reader (Closed)

Warrior Cats X Reader (Closed)

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Katrine By HeatherNyanCat14 Updated May 03

So I love those cats so in this story i will right stories about them you can request

Female reader x Male cat 

Male reader x Female cat

Female reader x Female cat

Male reader x Male cat

You can ask genderbends, Ocs and I will also do half cat or neko warriors x reader so for those that dont know half cats are like people with cat ears and tail. The live in massion if the belong to any clan

Picture of the cover belongs to  CascadingSerenity on devian art and I suggest you to check her out. Her at is amaising .

Lord_Food Lord_Food Apr 29
Dusty brown pelt with lighter on half of her tail and blue eyes
For this I'm gonna my OC Goldenleaf (She is a golden tabby with dark green eyes and the deputy of Leafclan, although i will have to improvise on the deputy part)
lifeiscallingyou lifeiscallingyou Jul 30, 2016
Jayfeather x Firestar x reader x Graystripe and make them all yanderes lol
Sushiimama Sushiimama Apr 08, 2016
If you have the time, could you make a Jayfeather x Male!reader, please? =3
Zoeydapuppers Zoeydapuppers Nov 28, 2016
Ummmm..... How about... LionblaxexReaderxBreezepelt, and make them Yanderes, Please?
siljesweet siljesweet Mar 07, 2016
Could you do an ashfur x reader aaaand lionblaze x reader?????