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spooky h By grooovydude Updated Jun 21, 2016

Everything went by so fast but it now seemed to be moving slow. Glass was flying through the air, the sound of the minivan tearing through metal scratched at my ears, Dad's head was lying on the wheel, Mamrie's arms limply fell onto my lap, my head hit the passenger seat dashboard. I saw my blood drip onto my white Converse as I remembered everything I've ever known- Mom, Dad, Mamrie, Tyler, the rest of my family, my best friends Gracie and Rileigh, even random people I didn't know very well. It all went black and I worried those things were now all gone.


"Don't be gone, if you're gone- Than, than I'm a goner. Don't let me be gone." he whispered to me, his silent tears rolled across my sickly pale skin. I felt them on my ghostly hand and I felt like screaming- but there was no use he wouldn't be able to hear me.

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twotiNE twotiNE Apr 27, 2017
hey, it's hannah. hannah baker. don't adjust your...whatever device you're hearing this on. it's me. live and in stereo. no return engagements, no encore and this time absolutely no requests. get a snack. settle in. becuase i'm about to tell you about my life. more specifically, why my life ended.
killerjenna killerjenna Jun 08, 2016
Well that just didn't happen
                              Tyler: well it just did. Deal with it.
- - Jul 27, 2016
Literally just listening to tøp now. To be precise, I'm listening to Forest
oddanathema oddanathema Jul 23, 2016
I have headphones stuck onto my ears playing Lane Boy right now.
KlTKATrCOO1 KlTKATrCOO1 Sep 10, 2016
I'm watching game of thrones, so idk if I can pay attention when people are being beheaded left and