Hate That I Love You

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Lainey By _AnythingButOrdinary Completed
Lucas and Lissa can't stand each other. Although they used to be friends, they aren't now. But soon enough secrets come out and they find themselves falling for each other, even if neither of them can admit it.
    They know each other better than anyone else in the world. Too bad they don't know that they're actually talking to each other. They've made up code names. Either way sparks are flying.
    Author's Note: It's a really bad description because I absolutely suck at summing things up. I feel like if I elaborate any further I'll completely give away the story. Please read :) I hope you like it and whether you do or not comment and vote, let me know what you think. :)
@_AnythingButOrdinary your welcome I honestly love Hate-Love relationships ^^
this is an amzing story! i stayed up untill 12:30 reading it because it was so good. are you a professional author?
Lissa and her family seem like the perfect text book example of stuck up rich people. I mean who tell's their kid that their friend is bad news just because the other isn't rich anymore?! I can already tell Lissa  is just like her Mom...Shallow and astuck up prep.
I really like this story so far. Cant wait for more. I also love your cover,  gotta love Alex Pettyfer.
@_Iwishyouknew_ Definately up for it. 
                                    BTW, this is my new account.
I am thinking us 3 strangers , who don't know eachother , at all, should go shopping with no money , and looking good ,  perve on some hotties ? Just a suggestion . ;) dunno if you two would be up for it . ;)