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Cristina (Cris) By MissCris Updated May 30, 2012

Dominic Peirce has always known he's gay. But with strict Christian parents and a brother who's straighter than a pole he can never let anyone know. Keeping his true sexuality a secret is taking its toll on Dom for one slip of the tongue and he knows his family will disown him forever. 

Aiden James is bi. He's come to terms with the fact that he likes guys and is not afraid to let anyone know. In school he's neither here nor there, he has friends but doesn't like to be in the spot light. And one of the main reasons is Dominic, the cute boy who lives down the street from him, who is always the center of attention.

Keeping away from Dom should be an easy thing for Aiden, but what happens when fate intervenes and they are forced together? Is it luck or a curse to have to spend so much time with the one person you can't, but should, resist?

Trudzzzzzz Trudzzzzzz Jul 19, 2016
Just as they planned...Lolz.... I dont like parents like thiz..
lucy_davis60173 lucy_davis60173 Nov 26, 2015
Dayum that boy is hot! Love him in one tree hill and a Cinderella story
AidaXD AidaXD Oct 27, 2013
stupid girl!! it isn't boring! its amazing...perfekt!! i love it! don't say it's boring about this story okay?! couse its absoloutly wrong!!
LivingMyLife24 LivingMyLife24 Apr 15, 2012
I love this! OMG and the bi meets the gay... urm, what to do?
LivingMyLife24 LivingMyLife24 Apr 15, 2012
She/he is probably dead because of how awesome your stories are! And also, Jared Padalecki is soooo hot! I love him!
lovestoread89 lovestoread89 Feb 02, 2012
Hmmm, I wonder what Dominic is going to say about Aidan staying at his house? Im going to enjoy read more of this story!!!