The Monster's Heart

The Monster's Heart

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The fate that has Zero and Kaname tied as enemies have always stuck. Even when they were born, they were bitter rivals. But what if there was a twist. What if instead of wanting to get rid of the other, they had slowly embraced each others presence?

⚠ WARNING ⚠: Yaoi, ooc, a bit of bashing, and ect.


Please don't read if you don't like. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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FoxyFoxyNarutoFan3 FoxyFoxyNarutoFan3 Nov 12, 2017
It sounds like he's a hotel attendant you know the ones who go "welcome to (insert hotel name) here's your room here's your key here's your bags and here's your attendant we hope you enjoy your stay at (insert hotel name)"
                              Am I right?
baabbyguurl baabbyguurl Jul 16, 2016
Possessive much.  Kaname. And zero doesn't like you …… yet. So wait just a little while.
SvtBtsGot7Exo_ SvtBtsGot7Exo_ Jan 07, 2017
Bro, Takuma's with your cousin, pretty sure he wouldn't go after your boyfriend.
baabbyguurl baabbyguurl Jul 16, 2016
Ex-hunter he is still a half hunter right. At the end of season 2 on Netflix. He is still a hunter. He trying to look for yuuki and kaname
baabbyguurl baabbyguurl Jul 16, 2016
No dint plz no smut I like this fanfic and I don't want to stop reading. Because of smut