Kaname x Zero (I want your blood)

Kaname x Zero (I want your blood)

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Stella Rasu By StellaRasuchan Updated Jul 19

This story is YAOI(Boy x Boy)
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For those who like it, ENJOY! :)

This story unfolds in the ground of the Cross Academy! Where vampires roam! 

I am gonna make this clear!
Kaname is the seme and Zero is the uke!! So have it in mind!! ;)

I do NOT own Vampire Knight!! Nor the characters!! I only own this plot!!
All © for Vampire Knight should go to Hino Matsuri

StellaRasuchan StellaRasuchan Jul 10, 2015
@SFO_SakuraNanako Sure! Why not! Do you have a special request?