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Hated- Really?

Hated- Really?

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deepsea15 By deepsea15 Completed

She knew his identity. He didn't know hers.
She just wanted to have him around. He didn't.
She knew they could not be together. He didn't.
She didn't plan for longer. But he did.
What will happen when he comes to know her real identity?
Will he be able to stop himself in time from falling or will she have to face his wrath for hiding the truth.

"Do you believe in love?" He whispered in her ears making her jump. 
  He was close, no, too close. She could feel his breath and hear her heart beat pounding very fastly. She took a few steps back to get her personal space secured.
  "You scared me."
  "Sorry, that was unintentional and I did not know that you are that weak." He smirked at her.
  "I am not weak.. That..." she saw him taking a step towards her. She gulped and then continued.
  ".. is a..." Another step.
  ".. normal.." One more step closer.
  ".. reaction." Another step.
  By now, he was again within her personal space. 
  "I think we should go and see if Natey is done with her books." She whispered and laughed nervously and turned back only to be hold and pulled back to a hard chest. 
  He had purposely swirled her along with him, changing their position. His front was dangerously touching her back.
  "It's a weak who always run away showing back." He whispered in her ears, his breaths touching her neck. His hands were placed just below her breast and touching most of her abs part.
  This is my first attempt at writing. So please bear with me :) Suggestions, feedback, comments and votes are welcomed. :)

Cybull02 Cybull02 Jun 21, 2016
Its hard being the oldest. It really sad when you feel comfort in your own home an from your family no-less. I'm excited to find out how/if this move will bring her out more, make her stronger.
Tired_CharteredFreak Tired_CharteredFreak Dec 17, 2016
Yeah even i fell
                              Sorry for myself but i can understand this very well
                              How miserable it is to have trust issues with ur own family
ShajuanaStewart ShajuanaStewart May 02, 2016
I'm the oldest of three! But lucky me I'm the only girl, so therefore I get to be the evil one.❤
irishdancer237 irishdancer237 May 01, 2016
This is my life but I'm the younger sibling in my family.  My older sister is the cruel one.
TheQueenOfTrouble TheQueenOfTrouble Oct 28, 2016
I am can find a piece of me in Shanaya . Having a notorious brother is one of them.
                              Luvd reading this part😍😍😍😍