Dani (Wizards of Waverly Place [Max Russo])

Dani (Wizards of Waverly Place [Max Russo])

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_shelbelle By _shelbelle Updated Aug 31, 2013

Daniella was walking down Waverly Place. The street wasn't very busy. There was a couple of people walking down the street, window shopping, and a few people going in and out stores. What really caught Daniella's attention was a teenage boy sitting on a bench with a teenage girl. They loked to be around the age of 13/14, Daniella's age.

"Check this out." The boy pulled something out of his pocket and held in front of the girls face, "I found this on the way home from school." He kept bringing it closer to the girls face.

"Eww! Max. Get that thing away from me!" The girl hit max's hand, causing whatever was in it to fly out and land in front of Daniella across the street. The girl then stormed off never turning back to look at max.

"aw man." max's head hung down.

Daniella bend down and picked up the worm that landed in front of her, "Hello Mr. Wormy." She walked over to where Max was sitting and sat next to him. "I believe this is yours. Bye Bye Mr. Wormy." She Placed the worm in hi...

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