Lucy, Acnologia's Daughter (A Fairy Tail Fanfic)

Lucy, Acnologia's Daughter (A Fairy Tail Fanfic)

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Silveny By Silveny Updated May 01

Lucy is lost and is found by Acnologia. She becomes a dragon slayer and joins Sabertooth, but there is one problem, she is blind. 

In this story, Sting, Rogue, Gray, and Natsu are one year older than Lucy, with Laxus still being six years older. Also everyone else stayed the same with their age changing to be in accordance with Natsu. Like Erza is still two years older than Lucy with Wendy still being five years younger than Lucy.

I don't own Fairy Tail. Also there are spoilers.

So he will most likely leave on her 14th birthday ( ten years in the future 7,7,777(the year all other dragons disappear ) I did the math)
Me: *whispers* He is mean
                              Acnalogia: *hits me on the head* What is that you said?
                              Me: TT-TT Nothing, nothing.
Kana12349 Kana12349 Feb 06
What kind of dragon is he though? Darkness? But that's rouge right?
I'm all caught up and on Fairy Tail Zero and I forgot who Acnologia was... I'm just that stupid
Vamp1600 Vamp1600 Nov 11
it puts less stress on the eyes when it's not, cause italic make it seem like a flashback and I get confused sometimes when I read it plus, not to be mean, it's REALLY annoying for an awesome book *pouts*
Iidiya Iidiya Apr 06
Aww, she's so adorable! I already imagined her smacking into his tail.