Trying to be Dominantly Equal [BDSM] {SEQUAL book 2}

Trying to be Dominantly Equal [BDSM] {SEQUAL book 2}

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Who_The_Hell_Cares By WRIT3R44 Updated Jun 23

SEQUEL To Trying to dominate the dominant!!

Brooke and Nick are finally equal. Although she is his stubborn blunt champion boxer  sub she is one hundred percent equal to him, and that's never going to change... Or will it. 

Now engaged they face new challenges of each other. Will they be able to handle it and stay together? Or will this dominant couple be better apart? 

Will Brooke push Nick to his breaking point? or will he pull her into something she might have to call a lose later?

  • bdsm
  • dominant
  • love
  • romance
  • sequel
  • trouble
Oh how i love you for doing that instead of skipping ahead like every other author does
Alyssamaeg Alyssamaeg 6 days ago
Wait does that mean she won’t marry him or she gonna cut of his dick ? 😭😭
- - Nov 30, 2016
Yes Sir!
                              I said it before Brooke!
                              Mwah hah! That means I get playroom time first. He can make me Cum.😮😰😲
                              Brooke can watch. 👿
Olux75 Olux75 Jan 31, 2016
The sequel so far is so awsome I can't believe they're gonna get MARRIED AAAAAAH SOOO CUTE!!!! XD XD
xxArabella xxArabella Mar 18, 2016
Give me love by Ed Sheeran  is playing right now perfect timing.
I'm so in love with this story❤ just wish they would have a happy ending