The 148th hour (Drarry)

The 148th hour (Drarry)

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On Christmas where most miracles happen, they certainly did for Draco and Harry. 

Of course, the new couple has to face problems.

Who doesn't?

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Someone please reply to this comment if the at least understand where I’m coming from with the last comment ^^
KlanceAndHidge KlanceAndHidge Dec 27, 2017
Pansy is amazing in every Drarry fanfic with “TONE DOWN YOUR GAY”
                              Draco: BUT I WUV HIM!
Alexis_Trash Alexis_Trash Jul 18, 2017
In every fanfic pansy is trying to kill Harry or just getting in the way :/
Get him before someone puts a pricetag on him..
                              Draco: Bi*** please I am a MALFOY I can buy everything
renderedlovenai renderedlovenai Nov 29, 2017
Leave it to the girls to be very perceptive of things. I salute. Hahaha!
Decibella_Z Decibella_Z Dec 22, 2017
Pansy: Tone down da gayness, Drayyy... he'll notiiice!!!
                              DracoDaSavage: Nooooo....