The 148th hour (Drarry)

The 148th hour (Drarry)

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potterjackson By potterjacksonphan Completed

On Christmas where most miracles happen, they certainly did for Draco and Harry. 

Of course, the new couple has to face problems.

Who doesn't?

Because of fanfics, I've had a hard time having any sort of ill emotions towards Pansy. I know Jo hates her, but I don't.
Kaylee_Amazhang Kaylee_Amazhang Dec 05, 2016
I feel like Pansy is a very complex character in fanfics. You either love her or you hate her, and there is no in between. She either helps the ship or tries to destroy it. Personally though, I like it better when she helps.
NotYour_Housekeeper NotYour_Housekeeper Nov 11, 2015
If you know who he is and you isn't go back and read that in his voice then WHY THE FÜCK YOU LYING