This Boy, Jacob Sagittarius-Book Two

This Boy, Jacob Sagittarius-Book Two

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"...So bye, Jacob Sartorius." I began to walk away, then stopped, grinning evilly. "Or should I say, Jacob Sagittarius."


Brittany Gavins just moved to a new town a month before her Freshman year of high school. But when Brittany realizes that her least favorite Viner, Jacob Sartorius, is in the same grade and school as her, Brittany doesn't know how to feel.

New school, new friends, and new relationships begin to start as Brittany starts her new life. But is Jacob a part of that life?

Second Book in the 'Sartorius Sectors'

First Book: Vine Love

Third Book: Another Promise You Couldn't Keep

Fourth Book: Just Friends...For Now

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Sadly I do
                              nO sadly I know you. 
                              Fùck that shít I'm not coming over
That's right bítch
                              *Sips tea* ☕️🐸
                              g e t  r e k t
Hold on. In the last book Alice was 18 and he was 18 too. I don't understand
WhY aM i HeRe 
                              I cAmE fOr A lAuGh BuT i'M cRyInG nOw HeLp
                              But anyways WHOOO tell him bítch 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Oh my god bítch guess what
                              *Takes long sip from tea cup* ☕️🐸
                              That's exactly the reason why. Now leave you big àss hoe