Friend Zoned? // Jacob Sartorius

Friend Zoned? // Jacob Sartorius

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JJ By that_one_fangirl0987 Updated Jun 02, 2016

Autumn Watson has been best friends with Jacob Sartorius for as long as she could remember. Along with his friend, Mark Thomas (duhitzmark), her friend Bree Moores, and their neighbor Connor Cook, they must survive their first year of  high school, and maybe some drama?

(Note: this story takes place a couple years later then Jacob's current age)


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skittywritesbooks skittywritesbooks Mar 17, 2016
read my donald trump x jacob saggytoad fanfic please 😩😩👌👌
JessicaBeasley1 JessicaBeasley1 May 16, 2016
'=' Seems like there are more Jacob Sartorius stories that I've never noticed....or cared about until... I discovered...the conflicts of him.. welp... Rest In Peace, dear'll live...peacefully. v-v
ninetysixthousand ninetysixthousand Jul 24, 2016
I'm replacing all of these autumns with molly because I'm the only one for Jacob :333
LaDumpsterDollie LaDumpsterDollie Apr 24, 2016
@that_one_fangirl0987 I thought ur username was that_one_faggot0987 no homophobic.
elliemay9230 elliemay9230 Sep 11, 2016
Is Autumn related to Emma Watson because that would be my world is she was