The One Im Looking For (Killua X Reader)

The One Im Looking For (Killua X Reader)

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✴KooKie✴ By Chitoge_Kosaki Updated Nov 18

⚠(Warning:Slow Romance.)⚠


A girl named (y/n) attend her new school where she is being bullied and all, but get to befriends with four nice friends.

But then one of them is who she fell in love with, named killua.❤❤❤

But killua doesn't felt the same feelings towards her, but he fell in love with another girl named yula; who is a playgirl and a brat.

(Y/n) and gon founds out that yula is cheating on killua but decided to keep it  a secret for the mean time so killua wouldn't feel so bad, since he is sick at that time.

What would killua feel when he finds out?.

What will (y/n) feel when she gets rejected?

What will happen to yula?

(2nd Place At @HXHwattyawards./Category KILLUA/

(In my Story killua is kinda OOC...sorry)

Found Out :) .....~!!!
By Reading This Story. :)
Poorly written by the beginning.

But Quitely improving on the currently released Chapters.

piper4562 piper4562 Sep 22
Is this like... my REALLY CRAPPY version of a before-school blog...?
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Hey, Human self, isn't this you at school?
                              Yes, Internet self...wait i'm talking to myself again...
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Amandica07 Amandica07 Oct 28
W-what happened in the first (A/N)? I thought this was customizable?
piper4562 piper4562 Sep 22
My oc has black hair and violets eyes but i think this character appearance has the same appearance as Rem so I'm okay with it