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BittenBarbie By BittenBarbie Completed

Annabel has always followed her instinct. When it told her to street fight, she dived head on. When it told her to go to university, no questions were asked. Heck, if it told her to bake cookies, she got up from what she was doing and made sure there was enough for all. But when her bosses sons walk into her office, for the first time in her life she ignores it, slapping the gorgeous men with the same label she did for every other man. 
But Ryder and Hunter determined to make her see that they are different, special. Will she let them into her bed and ultimately, her heart? Or will she ignore her instincts and let them slip away?

My face is illegal in 10 different countries too but for different reasons
AbbieFailure AbbieFailure Oct 17, 2016
Is this the same author cause the plot line sounds a little familiar
deathxkat deathxkat May 06, 2016
He wants to li li li  lick her like a lollipop( no one gets the reference lilwayne  anyone )
glittered_trash glittered_trash Aug 14, 2016
Boy you better have insurance for your bike and her pussy for how hard you about to smash it 😏
iiQuixotix iiQuixotix May 07, 2016
Pffft no one will fall for all especially me OT would take u 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 centuries to make me move a half or less then half of a centimeter to move towards u
Atinayb Atinayb Nov 10, 2016
Why is it when a woman goes to university and the only job she can get is being a secretary?? Why can't she be a junior something...?