Peter Pan x Reader

Peter Pan x Reader

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(Book 1)

After losing everything, (Y/N) finds her self being taken by a shadow to an island. Whist she's on this island she meet a boy named Peter Pan and his lost boys. After a rough start she become friends with them and start to get feelings for a certain one... Peter Pan!!!

Hope you enjoyxxxx :)


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If you need to yell "I believe!" To reaffirm your belief then it's less belief, more trying to convince yourself to believe. Belief is fickle and not something that can be controlled or changed on a whim, or a two word sentence.
KitaDraw KitaDraw Feb 25
Ya little bitch! I hate water!(Im literally a cat) Get me out of here now or I'll kick a pan flute so far up your a$$ that your great grandchildren will feel the pain.
rainbowmacaron rainbowmacaron Dec 21, 2017
Ughhh omg im excited idk why. This story is going to be sooo good 😆😆😆
xox_Elis_xox xox_Elis_xox Dec 26, 2017
Someone: It’s Peter, Peter P—
                              Me: PETTIGREW! Peter PETTIGREW... ain’t it?
                              Someone: wrong Peter
                              Me: oh.... so Peter Pan?
                              Someone: yes!
fun facts in the Brother Grimm version of Peter pan he was evil he rimm brag about how he killed P the lost boys if they were too old and brag about how he killed Pirates(I think it was the brother Grimm version I'm no sure)
CompletelyComplex101 CompletelyComplex101 Aug 18, 2017
Me:It's Peter Parker
                              Someone: umm no... it's Pan, Peter Pan
                              Me:Umm what? Who? (Ps i do know who Peter Pan is why would I be reading this if I didn't😂)