Lost In Your Embrace (Komaeda Nagito x Reader)

Lost In Your Embrace (Komaeda Nagito x Reader)

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For 10 nights straight,
   I can't get any sleep, 
   This is this shadow in the hall and in my dreams
   It's like she gets more real everyday
   Two big blue eyes and blonde ponytails,
   Short skirt and bear accessories,
   It's like she wants to kill me
   But no one else can see,
   What happens while I sleep?

 My friends think that I'm crazy and my mom made me an appointment with a doctor... I need none... I need to know the secret behind the wardrobe...

 Prepare for some serious despair! Here have some hope bagels! :D Anyways read for more... ~(>.~)~

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adri0117 adri0117 Jul 24, 2017
Monokuma: Upupupu 
                              Me: ¡GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU PERVERT BEAR! * Throw a 👞 to him *
Y-U-No-Doctor-Yet Y-U-No-Doctor-Yet Sep 26, 2017
Screw it
                              Im gonna risk it for a chocolate biscuit
                              FOR NARNIA!!!!
ThatMarauderGirl ThatMarauderGirl Oct 26, 2017
I've finally played the games. 
                              I'm ready to reread all this danganronpa schist
Miaya_Gekkohara108 Miaya_Gekkohara108 Nov 14, 2017
NIR3isnotdeadyet NIR3isnotdeadyet 5 days ago
Hmmmmmmmm..... What am I getting in return?
                              If you'd give your life for mine we'd have a deal.
                              I just need someone who'd take a bullet for me that's all.
Tosia2501 Tosia2501 Oct 26, 2017
ohhhh, someone knows the difference between 'your' and 'you're'<3