Spreading Rumors About Mr. CEO [BoyXBoy]

Spreading Rumors About Mr. CEO [BoyXBoy]

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        With the goal of making his company the world's best company in the whole wide world, Josh Heid Thompson always strives harder when he likes to achieve something. He's very passionate about what he does, and is very strict about life. He has set his mind that he will never fall in love and will do business first before self. And so far, the luck is on his side, or so he thinks. But then the unexpected thing happens:
        Prince Ezerette Mclane has a lot of things to deal with. First, his mother wants her to marry off some woman she doesn't even know. And he doesn't want her. He always does his best when it comes to ignoring his mother's requests, or his family's. After his mother tried to put him on so many dates with random women, he almost gave in. But never. He spreads the rumors of being married to a man he doesn't even know. Second, he doesn't have a real job. Third, he's hopeless. And last, he needs to deal with the one and only Josh Heid Thompson for spreading the goddamn rumors.
        They even aren't gay.

Note: This story is a prequel. The story line is set 2 years prior from Noah's and Gloss's romance. It's not necessary to read their story, but if you want, you can check out my profile and read them.

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ladybug_lady ladybug_lady Apr 21, 2017
This got me confuse.. I thought he's a prince?? looking for job in the street?
babylove111l babylove111l Jul 02, 2017
His gay I knew it abd someone called him a fag he punched them
LazySide LazySide Nov 24, 2017
I understand what you mean by all the setting up thing. My lovely friend decided to let it slip from her mouth that someone had a crush on me at school and my mother heard. They weren't supposed to know because I knew they'd make me date them and guess what? Every day she keeps bringing it up!
Quadruple-flip Quadruple-flip Jul 02, 2017
I think he has a crush on that guy he punched and he's scared and confused about his sexuality
YYYAAAAYYYY!!! I thought they were a cute couple in the second book!!!
haruka1331 haruka1331 Jun 25, 2016
Isnt this story like the korean drama 'lie to me' except for the fact this is boy*boy