Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

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He crossed his muscular arms and smirked at me. "So," his dark voice purred "you're here for the money too aren't you?"

I stared at the tall strong boy with fear "Th-the money?"

"Don't lie kitten, I know why you're here." he said behind the thick wrought iron gates. I'd deck him right between the eyes for calling me "kitten" but if I tried he'd probably kill me by stepping on me.

"Um.. what would that be for?" I raised an eyebrow, trying to take escape the lowly lit estate but as I looked back a thicket of trees stood behind me. 

The boy in the tight shirt practically ripped the gate open while raising an eyebrow. "Aren't you here to murder someone?"

After losing a game one night, Emma Parker's forced to walk into the Grove. A scary thicket that's said to be a home of a group of criminals called Bitter sweet. Taking the legend lightly, Emma takes a walk into the woods. But when she finds herself in front of an estate, Emma soon finds herself fighting other high-class criminals to live and to become Bitter sweet's newest member and an enticing murderer's partner in crime.

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