Mr. Horan

Mr. Horan

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Jodie x By horanharder93 Updated Jan 18, 2018

As I was leaving for school, I decided on going to Starbucks. I go there most mornings before school. 

When we got there I ordered my normal, plain coffee. As I was walking out I bumped into someone. I noticed I had spilled my coffee all over myself. 

I looked up to the man who I bumped into. His eyes were so blue I thought to myself. 

"I'm so sorry" the young man apologised. 

"No it was all my fault, I should've been looking where I was going" I told him. 

"At least let me get you a new coffee" he offered. 

I couldn't disagree with the offer and sat down with him. 

"I'm Niall by the way" he told me. 

"I'm Jodie" I told him. 

"I've really got to get going or I'll be late on my first day of work, but could I get your number love" 

"I've to go too! Of course you can Niall" I told him. 

We swapped phones and got each other's numbers and I was really looking forward to seeing Niall soon. 

"I'll talk to you later Jodie" Niall said. 

"See ya later Niall" 

"I'll be late if I kee...

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