Bitter Sweet Life

Bitter Sweet Life

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Natalie Hale has a past that few people know. She and her mother moved to a different state and created a whole new life, trying to be ordinary. But, being ordinary isn't who they are. They've lived for the past three years on the run, trying to get away from who they used to be. 

When she finally found a place where she can be ordinary, that's when he found them. Would she be able to hide who she is from the people that slowly grew to know her? And, would she finally face the past and not let it drown her like before?

A/N: This is my first full written novel online. I'm keeping it as it is to show you where I started. I struggled too before writing Meeting Mr. Mogul. Don't give up on writing  and you will improve.

Cover by @painthatsmiles

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She seem to have had a very sad and ugly thing happen to her.
- - Dec 05, 2014
It's so obvious how the book will end. Ugh it's a alright book but you made the beginning too open, it basically tells you the whole story and the less I want to read it. Just some awesome advice
MelonDiaries MelonDiaries May 24, 2013
@CrazyKayzy  Thank you so much for reading, and i'm glad you enjoyed it.. :D
Amazyy Amazyy May 24, 2013
This story seems enigmatic and I'm liking it very much! :) It keeps me on edge which makes me very antsy but whatever, I'm just reading! Hahaha. But topping it all off, I love the plot! It seems very nice :)
MelonDiaries MelonDiaries May 07, 2013
@onebluesky21 Thank you.. and i hope you enjoy the story.. :)
onebluesky21 onebluesky21 May 06, 2013
I like that you have  a preface, you don't see that in many of the books on wattpad. I really liked your summary, it made wonder what that heck happened to her, and what's going to happen to her. Now I must go on toward the first chapter.