Nemophilist || larry

Nemophilist || larry

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Nemophilist - one who is fond of forest or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods

or louis goes to the woods to pray and he stumbles upon harry, a naked being who lives in the woods.

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love that I have no fücking clue what's going on because I'm 100% with Lou on the confusion.
My family (including me) are Christian's and I'm 99% sure my brothers homophobic but my parents are pretty accepting (we've never really had a 'gay is a sin' talk so I assume they are decent)
Oh oops, I'm reading another one of your books. Prior apologizes for my future spam ✌🏽
mykahsinfinity mykahsinfinity Dec 25, 2017
me, a generally prepared individual: is 100% not prepared to read this, because it seems like it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster
whenever it's the 'golden hour' outside and everything's so sunny and gold and pink I always like to pray because it's so beautiful
sounds like 70% of the kids at my public school lmao rip @ me for living in a town that's 99% white people