Breaking The Balance

Breaking The Balance

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Caitlin And Shadow By CaitlinIsInTheClouds Completed

Our heroes fell through the void, the memories of one being stripped from them and replaced with fake happiness and false dreams. 

They fall into a new realm, with no real knowledge of where they are nor why they keep experiencing such vivid nightmares. 

The dangers of the new realm are as twisted as the ones of the old and it is soon revealed that everything is connected.

Everyone is in danger and it is up to Jordan to remember his past, no matter how painful it is.

There is a key detail in his memories that could stop the breaking of the balance and save the realm from collapsing into nothingness.

Whether he can face his demons both old and new is to be discovered.

Read on and discover the truth.

*This is a sequel. Information from the first in the series isn't 100% essential to this story since it is based in the Season 2 world however some plot elements rely on past events so I recommend you go read the first book - The Tipping Of The Scales.

This book is based in Season 2 Mianite and there are some plot events that are in tandem with the Season itself however the story within this book is original (excluding those events). Some characters will experience one event but for different reasons than what we've seen in the streams.*

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RandomFandom245 RandomFandom245 May 25, 2017
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnddd, give it up for Tom Sindicate High Def.!!! With his amazing way of getting away!!! :-P
FandomsAreMyFuel FandomsAreMyFuel Jul 23, 2017
killernooch killernooch Feb 26, 2016
When there's something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna fight, The Michelin man
- - Oct 16, 2016
                              "You have never lost anyone important or someone you love" 
                              Me: CAPSIZEEEEEEE
                              "Wake up and smell the roses, or you aren't going to survive."
                              Me: CAPSIZES ROSE HOW COULD U
XoniaRainforest XoniaRainforest Nov 10, 2015
Heh, yeah. Sure, had never lost anyone. Wait till you heard about his story. He lost his love, had his treehome burned to the ground. Then have his love back as an undead mob and FORCE to see her die infront of his eye. Sure, what a happy little life, heh.
topazgirlygirlv2 topazgirlygirlv2 Aug 17, 2015
Of corse you would. My feels man. Why do you find joy in ripping them up into shreds.