My Aggressive Alpha

My Aggressive Alpha

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Joy By MissCandie77 Updated Jan 25, 2016

Carolina Rodriguez is a seventeen year old female that recently murdered her abusive father when he tried to attack her. She is then forced to live with the mother who abandoned her when she was seven. Although Carolina's mother Lucy wants to repair their relationship, Carolina can't seem to forget the past. Not to mention, Carolina finds Lucy and her new family extremely strange. They all seem to be hiding something.

 As a way to get out of her new home, Carolina volunteers at a preschool that her new step-brother goes to school at. There she meets little Damien and becomes quite fond of him. However the little boy may be innocent but his father is definitely not. 

Vincent Walker is known all around the world by his title as the Alpha of the Andrea Pack. This pack was the most powerful pack in the world. No alpha dares to cross him unless they have a death wish. The only thing that he cares about is Damien. His one and only son. His wife died giving birth to Damien and ever since then Vincent's temper has been out of control. However, what happens when he starts to fall for the girl that his son sees as a mother? 

 Can Vincent control his wolf or will he end up hurting her just like her father? 

 Will their relationship work or will Carolina have to run away from the possessive alpha?

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I'm pretty sure she means the loving side of her father died because of her mother. ._.
petite98 petite98 May 17, 2017
I just don't understand how can she be lucy's daughter ????
                              Can someone please enlighten me please.🙇🙏
petite98 petite98 May 17, 2017
I mean why wouldn't she be angry at her mother !!!!
                              If her mother didn't left her with her mother , she wouldn't be in this situation. She was raped when she was only seven years old. Her innocence was taken.
                              That cannot be forgiven.
                              And her dad is a horrible person.
She honestly looks like this was a shot from her getting arrested for having drugs in the car or being drunk
JaimeNavarro212 JaimeNavarro212 Mar 25, 2017
no body deserves to be treated that way! thats just plain evil...
MindBoundBaby MindBoundBaby Jun 09, 2016
WTF what the f*** what type of s*** is that why would your daughter be ok with her father after you her mother just up and left for no reason or signs he just left never returned my birthday present anything letters type of s*** is that