Sex Slave To Matthew Espinosa

Sex Slave To Matthew Espinosa

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Black Hearts By LorianaR Updated Jul 18, 2017

||Katie's pov||

I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming for me to come downstairs.

I got out of my bed and slipped on my house shoes.

"Coming!" I yelled as I ran downstairs

"Yes?" I asked

"Sit" my mom said. She looked so worned out, her eyes had bags, wrinkles formed on her face.

She sat next to me and took my  hands into hers.

"You know how we're really broke and can't afford to live anymore?" She asked

I nodded 

"Well I um, sold you as a sex slave, But do-" she said, i cut her off my jumping out of my seat.

"You what!" By now I was as red as a tomato, with anger flowing inside me.

"I'm sorry, go pack you clothes, your owner is waiting for you" she looked down 

Tears trickled down my face as I ran upstairs.

How could she do this, why me. I'm living a normal average life right now, if you note the sarcasm.

Some one walked into my room, which I assume it's my mom.

"Get out" I said

Footsteps came closer to where I was.

"I said to fucking get out mom" I said as I tu...

funguss funguss Sep 02, 2016
That was straight forward I can't believe that mother she is the one who should be a sex slave
thatsokiersten thatsokiersten Mar 01, 2016
HoseokDimples_ HoseokDimples_ Feb 15, 2016
And you have the squad that always twerks all the time and is so weird
johelisa johelisa Sep 01, 2016
i just watched a video on a theory on how christian grey used 'indoctrination' on anastasia, and now im like 'whattttt'.
CaylaHathaway CaylaHathaway Jul 14, 2016
I only got the iPhone 6s because I shattered the screen my I phone 5c
prostaete prostaete Jul 23, 2016
If this is how he treats her I kinda wanna be his sex slave I Mean come on I want a iphone 6's & a computer + black&pink stripped room with pizza bread sticks & coke XD