Bad Blood » Mikaelson [1]

Bad Blood » Mikaelson [1]

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kaci By frozeninfinity Updated 20 hours ago

❝It took very dark magic to bring my soul back to this world. It took very dark magic to build my body back from scratch. Everything I am is tainted by it. Even my magic.❞

Henrik Mikaelson didn't die when the werewolf mauled him. Not permanently, anyway. When Esther made his siblings into vampires, she also used the opportunity to bring her youngest child back from the dead. And it worked. And just like his siblings, he was immortal forever.

But he came back different. He came back darker. He came back with the light inside of him gone. No one expected to see it again.

And then they moved back to Mystic Falls a thousand years later, and suddenly there was a spark in him that his entire family just couldn't ignore.

[boyxboy // the vampire diaries - season 3 // not canon compliant]

I think Tyler is kinda attractive but I don't see him as extremely hot and drool worthy, is it just me?
ughmollie ughmollie Nov 30, 2015
DAMMITT I WAS GONNA USE THAT FOR MY STORY. You know what I'm doing it anyway FIGHT ME
frozeninfinity frozeninfinity Aug 13, 2015
@styxgonecrazy208 No, it's just another story of mine I'm going to write. It had no relation to "All We Are", I'm just using Henrik as the main character :)
styxgonecrazy208 styxgonecrazy208 Aug 13, 2015
Is this the second book from 'All we are' or a prequel or something?