I'll help you(BBRAE  fanfic)

I'll help you(BBRAE fanfic)

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//\\ By -xXcoffeeaddictXx- Completed

I couldn't sleep.
Just like every other night.
I had the urge to do it but i had to stop!
I sigthed and walked to the kitchen.
I got a knife and a paper towel.
As soon as was leaving someone entered the room.
I jumped and hid the items behind me.
"Raven?Is that you?"
"oh,um yeah,hi beast boy"
"Hi,is everything alrigth"
"...yes"i lied
"Um,okay well,if you need anything just tell me"
"...Sure..."then i just ran back to my room and locked the door

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riders3211 riders3211 Sep 04
10/10 you captured the depression perfectly coming from a person of experience it's true you have these voices forcing doubt and insecurities
Debby1017 Debby1017 Jul 26
Raven, Noooooooo
                              I so badly want to help self harmers see the "beauty within", despite how cliché that sounds 😕
Clodtastic Clodtastic Aug 26
God damn I read book to try to get away from my thoughts...but this is a good book
december_collins97 december_collins97 Sep 10, 2016
I can imagine how hard it would be to understand the urge and self-hate that a self harmer feels before self harming. 
                              I wish I didnt know how this felt. Its horrible
pandachild13 pandachild13 Nov 28, 2016
Let's try to see how much pain the people going through situations like this are feeling
JaneGill498 JaneGill498 Sep 25, 2016
guess what? bbrae makes gaining a bazillion lblook good, too.