Tutor Me, Jock? {BoyxBoy}

Tutor Me, Jock? {BoyxBoy}

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Make Me (Cry) By lostboys_lostgirls Updated Nov 10

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Atticus Harp is an introvert, he is socially awkward and he keeps to himself. But even an introvert like him can't help but look up at the handsome, jock, Christian Anderson.

Christian isn't blind, he nows that he has plenty of girls and boys alike swooning over him. But there is many secrets about this jock that many don't know.

But when Atticus finds himself failing his English class he gets assigned a personal tutor. And Atticus can't believe it when his tutor turns out to by Christian. 

During their daily sessions they find them selves becoming closer and closer. Sharing their secrets.

[Cover by EdnaAlicePine]

Tstorme Tstorme Feb 04
There better not be any major character deaths. I haven't even started the damn book and I love them already.
English is my best subject right now the math on the other hand...😂😂
As a kid, I figured people bother you less and respect you to a certain agree if you look like you've got your shít together. I figured out there were so many stereotypes out there and dressed accordingly. Fight, Flee or Front,lol
😂😂thats all that goes on in my head when they give me that stupid speach😑
My math teacher says 
                              "Your standard is up here not down there i wont allow you to lower yourself." 
                              Then.... Turns into a a-hole