Shadowfax (An Avengers fanfic)

Shadowfax (An Avengers fanfic)

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Jade Tarrow is only nineteen and she's already broken every bone in her body nine times. 
       So her personal life (and that of her friends) is a pretty "hush-hush" situation. Of course that's pretty difficult when you literally crash into Avengers' Tower. 
        Now it will take a patient Hulk, a motherly Black Widow, and a responsible Tony Stark to get the teen to open up...before it's too late. If that's not enough, Jade's 'in the like' with a villain. They're doomed.


In which the Avengers must contend with: 

Someone blowing a hole in the side of their (newly repaired) building.

A plus-sized lizard.

A pissed-off Scotswoman (or Englishwoman, the author couldn't seem to make up her mind).

A man with an inglorious tendency to stick said Scotswoman with sharp needles.

And a cat, simply because the author's cat kept walking across the keyboard.

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StarlightStreamer StarlightStreamer Jul 23, 2017
Okay...this was in my recommended section thing and I was scrolling through and I saw Shadowfax and I'm like "what is Gandalf's horse doing in an avengers fanfic?"
FragmentsofStars FragmentsofStars May 03, 2017
I've literally just read the description and I've already fell of the couch laughing. 😂
em-PATHETICS em-PATHETICS Jun 04, 2017
is no one going to comment on the fact that she WHACKED the hammer away?????
alyssa2550 alyssa2550 Dec 24, 2017
Lol. Love the way she talks! It’s hilarious and annoying at the same time...
ImJustALonelyPuddle ImJustALonelyPuddle Dec 27, 2017
She talks like me except I don't say "bloody" I put some curse word there. It's weird because I'm American.
                              Eh, nothing I can do about it. *Le shrug*
sweeten_my_tea sweeten_my_tea Feb 25, 2017
I'm just casually blowing bubbles in my gum and snorting away