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Shadowfax (An Avengers fanfic)

Shadowfax (An Avengers fanfic)

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Ghostwriter89 By Ghostwriter89 Completed

Jade Tarrow is only nineteen and she's already broken every bone in her body nine times. 
       So her personal life (and that of her friends) is a pretty "hush-hush" situation. Of course that's pretty difficult when you literally crash into Avengers' Tower. 
        Now it will take a patient Hulk, a motherly Black Widow, and a responsible Tony Stark to get the teen to open up...before it's too late. If that's not enough, Jade's 'in the like' with a villain. They're doomed.


In which the Avengers must contend with: 

Someone blowing a hole in the side of their (newly repaired) building.

A plus-sized lizard.

A pissed-off Scotswoman (or Englishwoman, the author couldn't seem to make up her mind).

A man with an inglorious tendency to stick said Scotswoman with sharp needles.

And a cat, simply because the author's cat kept walking across the keyboard.

*Remember: I LOVE comments!*

I'm just casually blowing bubbles in my gum and snorting away
Queen_Shala Queen_Shala Jan 02
Oh, ya know. Just a homicidal, crazy lizard with people trying to catch it. No biggie
Supermaxywaxy Supermaxywaxy May 14, 2016
I named one of my horses shadowfax after Gandolfs horse from Lord of the rings
I was actually reading this in a Scottish accent and it made it even better
AlfredSmith704 AlfredSmith704 Oct 26, 2016
Nice touch with the Scottish accent. Don't come across a lot of that in superherodom (yes I made that up, I think) generally speaking.
seldom_scilence16 seldom_scilence16 Jul 21, 2015
I loved it. The details were well explained, the storyline foreshadowed a lot of action in the future. I can't wait to read more!!