Here I Am

Here I Am

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Three words.
Three words started it.
Three words ended it.

In the world of Hetalia, where the countries are people, there are two particular countries in quite a predicament. Germany has always had a kind of fondness over Italy, ever since they met. As time passes by, day after day, the military giant begins growing feelings for the little pasta loving Italian. Germany has never been a man to express how he really feels, and it's hard for him to admit even to himself of how he feels. But what happens when Italy has suddenly vanished? To what lengths will Germany go to find his little pasta loving Italian?

[A GerIta story]

I do not own any of the Hetalia characters, all rights go to their rightful owners. All I own is the plot.

My_Life226 My_Life226 Mar 08
Ah, the 'lol I got ya b*tch what ya gonna do about it' wave and wink. Gets me every time.
Chinmoyee Chinmoyee Sep 06
I just thought of Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart. The feelzzz 😭😭
I'm slightly concerned that japan's 2p! might've taken his place already..
ImACountry ImACountry 5 days ago
There was a time when I thought I might fix the typo... 
                              But it's too funny to fix x'D
Lucy312312 Lucy312312 Nov 30, 2016
BOI whts the diff, ur pissed at this random guy taking ur boyfriend
When I first joined the Hetalia fandom, and I read this fanfic, I had absolutely no idea of the concept of 2Ps. Now that I come back here, it makes so much more sense. :))