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Mark Lawrence By MarkLawrenceAuthor Completed

A fantasy book updated periodically.

Technically ... a weird western. Gunslingers, hex witches, dogmen, minotaur, trains that run further than you can imagine ... 

Mikeos Jones is a gunslinger, faster than thinking, part of the gunlaw, a man who can seldom afford the luxury of looking past the end of any given day.

Jenna Crossard is a hex-witch, but her ambitions are larger than spells and charms - the need to understand the world consumes her. They say the gunlaw keeps men safe from the endless horror of the sect, but to Jenna it's a cage and she wants out.  If that means breaking open the world and killing a few gods ... so be it.

  • fantasy
23solm 23solm Nov 16, 2017
Cool story so far. If y’all want to talk. I’ll be up for a chat!
ThatJPAllen ThatJPAllen Jul 29, 2017
This is a really cool start to what could be a fun and interesting world.
RealLDNash RealLDNash Mar 08
Awesome start, it drew my right in. Can't wait to read more.
river12348 river12348 Jun 29, 2017
Ah how I love the wisdom Archimedes quotes offer. I can already tell I'm going to love this book.
user93837415 user93837415 Dec 13, 2017
This is a cool start to a story. The Corpser character is especially interesting. I'd be up for reading more.
TexasNord TexasNord May 17, 2017
I think k dude fits. It was used in the 1800s for a man who was to fashion focused, so the term plus commenting on  the hat matches.