It's Called Life (Sonic x Reader x Shadow x Silver) [ON HOLD]

It's Called Life (Sonic x Reader x Shadow x Silver) [ON HOLD]

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Rage Quit By Raging_Again Updated Oct 02, 2016

Leaving your childhood home, you now live in a new city, a new house, and a new school, in Mobius. In this unknown city, you actually find yourself encountering many kind teenagers at your school. But little do you know, there's someone special growing in your heart. To find out, read on!

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HoodieAlex HoodieAlex May 27
Am I the only one reading this cause the like fanfics? ( btw it's really good)
Sonic......i wonder if it's only running he's fast in 😆.....dont read into that
This is a nice place
                              *peck peck*
                              Shadow silver sonic:LEMME SMASH
                              No shadu silveh and sanic go find ur grill frens
                              Shadow:You want sum fuk?
                              Uh..Nu I don't want some fu-
                              Sonic:want some tail?
                              Silver:Hey gurlll
                              *peck peck*
                              Uh....silver your tail is smoll
                              Silver:wot swiggity swoogty???
breezy-bree breezy-bree Jun 19
Its funny at that memory of Mighty in his back still trying to get up its cute but I feel sorry
Vampire Red eyes and 80 feet long Vampire Red and Platinum Blonde and Vampire Black and Rainbow hair and Vampire Red sweater and Vampire Black scarf.
GrimKrimey GrimKrimey Oct 02, 2016
I was reading the title and i thought it said shadow x reader x sonic x ON HOLD XD