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"Tell me you did not like what had just transpired, tell me you did not feel that strong jolt of electricity that ran through our bodies, tell me that you did not feel like everything faded except the two of us, tell me you did not feel happy after and tell me you have another plan and you will not hear this again from me."

"There MUST be another way!"

"Tell me and I'll listen."

The rockstar started pacing back and forth while the long-haired executive only went to the bar and nonchalantly poured herself a glass of whisky. Moments after, Althea cried out in frustration.


At this point, Jade was already out of her seat and walking towards Althea. She took a sip of her drink before extending her right hand to the frustrated girl.

"So we have a deal."

Althea only stared at Jade's extended hand and frowned. 

What has she gotten herself into?

Cover photo courtesy of my dear friend soshicupcake.

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the_heiress21 the_heiress21 Oct 10, 2015
and i thought it was althea...u got me there!!! hahaha...just started reading ur story, this has been in my library for quite sometime now, good thing i decided to finally read it!!!
WildWindG WildWindG Jul 18, 2015
Hah I also thought it was Althea - the cool short hair rock star ^^. Anyway I find the plot quite interesting and your writing style amazing. Thanks for the fic :)
meruogawa meruogawa Jul 16, 2015
oh..  i thought for a second this is Jade x Batchi story.. haha