The Bad Kids

The Bad Kids

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Maya Oliver By OfficialMayaki Updated Dec 27, 2016

They are not each others types. 
Bad kids just don't mix right.

What does being a bad kid actually mean?
What is a bad kid?

Is it someone who stabs people all the time? 
Or smokes or does drugs? 
Or wears inappropriate clothes and drinks a lot?
Or someone who disrespects everyone?
Or someone who doesn't give a damn about what other people think about them because they're too involved in their own interests, their own personal well-being and want to actually live their own life rather than listen to society? 

Maybe no one knows what a 'bad kid' is because maybe they don't exist.

Joe Summerhale was recognized as a bad kid in her own town. She has done many bad things and will have to pay a big price. She moves to a new town as she was an absolute 'disgrace' to her family. She doesn't expect sunshine and lollipops but she;s quite surprised when she lands up living next to the most relatable piece of work there is. She's not like other girls. Never was and never will be. She's the bad chick with a broken soul.

Lucas Parkins was nicknamed 'Trouble' ever since he could walk. He is always misunderstood but he always seems to get what he wants, when he wants and how he wants it. He's quite interested when Joe starts living next door and bad situations start to occur.  He does not know who this girl is or what is to come.

What happens when they both have to deal with the chaos that Joe left behind? What if it's too much for both of them and her haunting past, with many ghosts, damn everyone she knows... everyone she loves?

They are both so alike and they have never come across anyone like themselves. 
Can they both stand out and learn to stand eachother? 
Can they both teach each other what being a bad kid actually means?

She's not his type. He's not hers either.

Can their mindsets change?

The Bad Kids

emmaloucarr emmaloucarr Aug 19, 2016
I like this version her most of all. In the other versions she's always been funny. But she seems more level headed in this version 👌👌
emmaloucarr emmaloucarr Nov 03, 2015
Is it bad that that just looks like a bunch 9f numbers and letters shoved together to make gibberish. I get the BMW part... that's bad?
NothingSpecial0915 NothingSpecial0915 Oct 30, 2015
Very good. I like it. already hoping that Joe and the boy get together.
QueenJin QueenJin Oct 30, 2015
Same my mum wants to be perfect yeah she got me my dad knew I was gonna be a rebel XD
QueenJin QueenJin Oct 30, 2015
I'm mad cause I couldn't get those I wanted one of them but I got a car instead -_-  like come one I don't ask for the BMW car if u was gonna get me get me a Dodge Challenger or charger I'm sorry I'm ranting but LIKE COME ON
sheerio4ever5 sheerio4ever5 Oct 17, 2015
I love this book already. Ed Sheeran and Dylan O'brien. I can't even.