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Lesser of Two Evils  Sebastian x reader x Claude

Lesser of Two Evils Sebastian x reader x Claude

9.9K Reads 319 Votes 3 Part Story
Babby G By babbyg18 Completed

You, being the beautiful little maid you are, have captured the interests of not just one, but two handsome demons. Demon butlers if I may add. So what events may unfold because of this? Perhaps an epic battle between the two, over your affections? Which demon shall prevail in claiming you as his own? But wait... do you not have a say in how this battle will turn out?

Two part story.

This story is now on Quotev if you want to check it out there!

Zetlan Zetlan 6 days ago
My friends: *start panicking and screaming* *slap at it frantically and trying to run* BURN IT WITH FIREEE!
                              Me: Why hello there, spidey ☺
Zetlan Zetlan 6 days ago
Of course i can luv two men. HECK, there are so many men i luv, u cant count em all *starts naming all the anime guys, kpop idols, etc. etc.* 😂😂😂
Shontia365 Shontia365 Dec 24, 2016
Sebastian I advise you that you come to the host club and learn some fûçkîñg manners
Zetlan Zetlan 6 days ago
A badass one to be exact *does cool looking karate moves* BAM! Hey, what's that *points at nothing* *runs away from both of them* DRAMATIC EXIT, BITCHES
Zetlan Zetlan 6 days ago
wait... wait ONE second...
                              ...WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK