Lesser of Two Evils  Sebastian x reader x Claude

Lesser of Two Evils Sebastian x reader x Claude

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You, being the beautiful little maid you are, have captured the interests of not just one, but two handsome demons. Demon butlers if I may add. So what events may unfold because of this? Perhaps an epic battle between the two, over your affections? Which demon shall prevail in claiming you as his own? But wait... do you not have a say in how this battle will turn out?

Two part story.

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dang it -snaps fingers in defeat- I like claude so ya.... enough explanation XD
c00kiepig24 c00kiepig24 Oct 02
One more of my beautiful comments xD
                              *demons fighting in the background and Hannah is blocking the doorway out*
                              *is running like mikasa*
                              Me: SORRY HANNAH *shoves her outta da way*
                              MOOOVE BISH GET OUTTA DA WAY! GET OUT DA WAY BISH, GET OUT DA WAY! 😂
Thank Satan for that I th I'll no I would have dieting I was kissed by that little sh*t
Bloody heck Sebastian! If this has happened before than I would expect it to never happen again! Honestly that butler
*sniffs air loudly* What's that smell!!!
                              I smell a threesome!O(≧∇≦)O
In the scene when Sebastian and Claude made a contract for Ciel's soul, it showed it on his hand.