I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret (A Teacher Gerard Way Fanfiction)

I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret (A Teacher Gerard Way Fanfiction)

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I gave my little sister a hug and said goodbye to my mother and father as I walked out the door of our house. It was time to start my walk to school for the first day of my senior year. I took a deep breath to prepare myself. Senior year, here we come. 

It wasn't a very far walk to school, but I still put my headphones in to block out the world as I walked. When I arrived at school, I took my headphones out and stuffed them into the pocket of my black hoodie. I smirked as I heard everybody talking about a new art teacher. Perfect. 

You see, I'm a bit of a bad girl. I love when we get new teachers, because it gives me another person to piss off. I hoped this new art teacher was just as easily-annoyed as our last one. I looked over my schedule and saw that I have art for the last period! Yes! I did get art class! 

When the bell finally rang, most of my classes went by pretty quick. Every teacher knew that they shouldn't fuck with me, since they remembered me from last year. Every teac...

YOU MADAME. ARE STALKING ME. I HAVE A LITTLE SISTER NAMED KATIE WTF. Except shes 7. (Dont believe me? I got bored so I wrote a creepypasta fanfic about my family... Cuz im weird like that.)
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RyanIsAFangirl RyanIsAFangirl Dec 27, 2015
I would probably draw a scribble having a seizure. Basically explains all my fangirl tendencies.
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I was eating grapes while I was reading this and I about choked on it :P