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For Every Rose, A Thorn

For Every Rose, A Thorn

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laraepace17 By laraepace17 Completed

Seven years ago, Prince Casimir disappeared. Many blame the beast who attacked the castle and drove everyone out of the forest. 
But now the king and queen have no heir. The kingdom is falling apart. Scared villagers turn to violence and rebel against the crown.
Out of both options and hope, Rose and her father decide to brave the forest in order to reach their family on the other side. They spend the night at an abandoned castle and her father makes a terrible mistake. But Rose will do all she can to protect her family from the wrath of the beast. 
This is a story of sacrifice, bravery and love.

**I dedicate this story to Rosita R. She is sweet and I love her name so much! I have enjoyed teaching her for over two years. 
**I would also like to dedicate this to Raeya A. She is the only reason why I finished this story. Thank you for asking me what would happen next when I was ready to throw my laptop out the window.
**Thank you Mistflower21 for your comments and interest in this book.
**Katie Beals, thank you so much for another beautiful cover!

I love the way it's written! It flows smoothly and draws your attention the the right places!
Es_Chendol Es_Chendol May 31, 2016
I will love reading this book 
                              Anyway nice to meet your story here ❤❤❤
bennirae bennirae Jul 08, 2016
literally my thoughts when she plops down next to the fire- fires don't start themselves. at least she figured that out :)
TheLillo TheLillo Mar 18, 2016
Second time reading your book :-) 
                              Have you ever tought of publishing it?I would totally buy it! :-)
ElleAndBooks ElleAndBooks Jan 17, 2016
I live for fairy tale retellings, especially Beauty & the Beast! I'm really excited to read this book and I'm hooked from the first chapter alone 😻
WindyWinter WindyWinter Dec 21, 2015
"Who started the fire?" Might be an important question to ask. Fires in fire places don't just appear in abandonded castles.